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1. Who are you? is a very trusted and sponsor. We're pretty solid and well known on the forums and we have made a name for ourselves with our services and products for several years.
The team behind has been in this game for 10+ years. With that much time under our belts, we've been on the market with much success and experience. We know what we're doing and we're experts in how to take care of our customers.

2. What is the minimum order?

We've designed this online store especially for your comfort and easy usage, so we haven't fixed any minimum order amount limit. You are free to order whatever you want in any quantity. Do not hesitate to place your order and we'll be glad to take care of the rest.

3.How much does shipping cost?

No matter the size of your order or the location of delivery, your order will be sent by the price of $30 for the shipment.

4.Delivery Estimate & Rate

Our team works in high speed and are able to deliver packages in 3-21 days.
The T/A starts from the day the package ships according to tracking number or our tracking message.
Our success rate is very high and we guarantee a delivery.

5.Where do you ship from?

All of our packages are shipped from an EU-based country in Europe.
It takes 3-21 days to deliver. If postal service makes a mistake or customs got it, obviously it causes a delay - however we will reship you the package as we offer a delivery guarantee. This way we have a 100% delivery guarantee.

6.Do you provide tracking numbers?

Yes. We offer tracking numbers for all of the packages being shipped.
The scan updates for tracking may be late or the tracking may not give day-to-day updates.
That doesn't mean package isn't moving.
Tracking numbers comes typically 2 days after package has been shipped.

7. Do you ship direct post boxes?

Yes. We do ship to P.O. Boxes.

8. Are signatures required?

Upon delivery, the postal store will require a signature for proof of delivery.

9. How is the process?

The whole process is very smooth and fast.
Once you submit your order, you will automatically receive information for your payment.
We expect the payment within 48 hours and instructions to be followed - the timing depends on yourself for this part.
Once payment has been sent and either confirmed quickly through bitcoins or Western Union (in this case 1-3 days), we will quickly prepare your package and have it out within 2 days. This is only an exception if you're ordering a Thursday or in the weekends in general, as we don't ship in weekends.

10. What if my order doesn't show up?

We have a reship policy if the mistake isn't your own, as if address or name has been written incorrectly.
As packages has to be accepted, and if you choose not to and postal service choose to "send it back", it may get lost.
In that case, the mistake is yours as well (some people do not want to sign it, and we can't pay for that).

For orders stopped at customers and seized, we'll reship these quickly, if you can send us a copy of the letter quickly as well.
If there's no letter and if package may have issues from postal side, we'll resp without any seizure letter being shown.
However we do not reship the packages before the package has been at customs or gone for 31 days.
However if a seizure letter is received within 31 days, we'd like for you to scan and send us the seizure letter.
After these 31 days, we expect customers to write us and start the reshipping process.
The same if there's any trouble with the delivery on our behalf.

Do not hesitate. We will gladly reship your package if such problems occur.