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Olymp Labs
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Our company was established in 2013 in the center of the chemical industry in Turkey, Kocaeli province, Gebze town. We are engaged in manufacturing and selling of high-quality products to stimulate high physical activity, increase muscle mass, improve all anthropometric indices.

The aim of our company is to provide high quality products especially for professional athletes. We are dedicated to creating preparations that will help the world’s best athletes to achieve the best results in the competitions of the highest level, such as the Olympic Games, World and European Championships. There are not only individual athletes among our clients, but the entire professional associations of athletes from Turkey, USA, China, Russia and other countries.

The skeleton staff who deals directly with the organization of the production process and product development is composed of best experienced pharmacists. We managed to lure some of them away from competing factories. Others worked in pharmaceutical factories in the United States and Switzerland, and they have not previously been associated with sports pharmacology, but these pharmacists have vast experience and knowledge in pharmacology and interested in applying this knowledge for the sports industry. We also try to recruit the most successful and talented graduates of the leading medical universities around the world.

It is worth noting that we are in constant contact with the medical staff of the leading teams in the world. We get the most recent results of analyzes and tests in order to improve our products. We invest significant resources in innovation and we are constantly developing new products to enable you to achieve more successes. Olymp Labs is here for you to bring the best results!

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